Virtual vs Physical (in communication’s perspective)

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We miss you all. As you know alcohol such as beer or liquor is not accepted or allowed in the place like school, religious or work place. Some countries restrict serving alcohol at restaurant or purchasing in supermarket in the situation like Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve found the study by chance about alcohol at work which affects work performance. Is it good or not? Here is what they found out.
The research examines the work performance of 136 males, including both self-reports and reports of workplace collaterals. Comparisons are made on several dimensions of work performance and different levels of alcohol consumption. Different levels of drinking are not associated with scales of self-reported work performance, but relatively heavy drinkers are less frequently absent and late to work than their lighter drinking counterparts. Collateral reports of work performance, however, indicate that heavier drinkers are more likely to score lower on self-direction at work, conflict avoidance at work and interpersonal relations at work. The relationship of alcohol consumption to the technical aspects of work performance is less clear. There is, however, an overall negative relationship between alcohol consumption and technical aspects of work performance as indicated by workplace collateral reports. The implications for the design of workplace intervention programs are considered.

References: Alcohol consumption and work performance

February 1993Journal of Studies on Alcohol 54(1):61-70
DOI: 10.15288/jsa.1993.54.61

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