iAdea – WRP-1000



A Proud Winner of the International Design Award

World’s First Premium Room Management Panel with Built-In Door Lock Access Control Interface

Organizations can create safer and smarter meeting spaces with IAdea WRP-1000 to enhance workplace collaboration, efficiency, productivity, and safety. Professional workplaces can enjoy superior room management user experience built in a premium designed panel and one-step quick room access process with multiple touchless authentication methods, including the use of personal mobile, to fortify workplace access control policies. Door lock access control enables facilities to enforce workplace safety policy by limiting entry to only approved meeting attendees and prevent unauthorized access during turnaround times between reservations.

Premier Room Panel Design

Physical Access

Clean Device


Badge and/or Mobile Authentication

Enterprise Security Solution

It’s like hanging an artwork

Sleek. Modern. Elegant. Tidy.

When the global workforce spends one-third of their day at the office, the comfort, quality, and atmosphere of the workplace play a vital role in maintaining an enjoyable working environment. Its beautiful halo light helps teams locate available meeting spaces at a glance while creating a vibrant mood in the workplace. The panel is also signage to showcase the creativity of workplace communication.

Mobile-first technology

IAdea WRP-1000 is about using mobile-first technology to simplifying meeting management routines, help the workforce save valuable time, and stay protected under physical and data security policies used by Fortune 500 companies and multi-unit organizations. Attendees can choose between a range of one-step touch and touchless identity verification processes to check-in for meetings and gain instant access to the meeting space.

Prioritizing safety and effeciency

IAdea WRP-1000 presents the opportunity for every organization to start improving workplace safety, experience, productivity, and efficiency through a reliable physical and personnel protection system. Department heads, executive board members, customers, and visitors are protected from sudden intruders when integrated with conventional door locks to control physical door access.

Your data is always protected

What comes with IAdea Enterprise Security?