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Visitor Management


Invited / Walk-in



V.I.P. /
Group Visit

Identify, Manage and Track Visitors

Whether you use a guest book for visitor sign-in, utilize lobby attendants to check in visitors, or have an unattended lobby,
iVMS software provides a new normal, comprehensive, and enterprise-class visitor management solution to meet your corporate needs. The software offers a full of tools, including visitor scheduling, self-registration, health screening, and credential issuance.

Create a Great Impression

Designed to meet your organization's diverse security and policy requirements, this suite of products offers the ideal solution for touchless, automated, intelligent visitor management, ensuring that your employees and visitors are happy, safe and secure.

Ensuring the well-being of your staff and visitors, at the same time, creating a great impression start well before they arrive in your foyer. Now you can manage the end - to - end visitor experience , for example, at the point at which their visitation is booked in the Outlook calendar you can :

Multi-Tenanted and Multi-Site Solutions

Whatever the business type, whether it be a multi - tenanted office building or one large multi - site company, iVMS gives you the flexibility to manage site access and monitor activity through one comprehensive solution.

Information Gathering at Point of Booking

Roomminister is a platform that connects your iVMS with other smart systems; consequently, meeting organizers, reception and security staff can simply manage visitors that build on the existing Exchange, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Accurate Movement Tracking

It is important to monitor visitor's arrival and departure for security, compliance and health & safety reasons. iVMS keeps tracking the flow of people in and out of a site, at the same time, creates a real-time report to identify exactly who is in the building, or review all visitor activity at the end of the day.

Making Compliance Easy

Ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations, such as the new Personal Data Protection Act (POPA), and other health & safety laws is a priority for every organization. iVMS captures significant information and vital consent for data protection and legal requirements. It includes the facility to make sure that all visitors, employees and contractors are aware of the relevant health & safety procedures and confidentiality rules - and have confirmed their acceptance. In addition, rules can be set to ensure visitor information is securely removed from the system periodically.