BACM – Call Accounting for SKYPE OLD


Bainisys Advanced Call
Management for skype

Make your life easier

Call Accounting and Reporting

BACM has the advanced filtering capabilities which enable users to monitor their calls. The Powerful Dashboards enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance.

Cost Allocation

Guarantee calls charge.

In some situations, the caller to whom the cost is allocated is neither the owner of telephone nor the one who made a call. BACM guarantee that call charges will be allocated to person who actually owns the call.

Advantage Tools

Vary easy to management call charges information.

With Import / Export (CSV) tools, you can use another program such as Microsoft Excel to help you manage call charges information at much faster.

Skype Solution

BACM provides automation capabilities for Microsoft skype.

World Wide Currency Support

BACM support all currency units to match all telephones billing of each country.