Meet AX PRO wireless alarm system

Are you concerned about the safety of your home and the well-being of your loved ones when you are away? Do you own an office or a business and worry that theft, robbery or other accidents might occur during your leisure time?

Well, it is time to meet AX PRO – the advanced alarm system that helps guarantee the safety of your valuables, with continuous protection and real assurance 24 hours a day. Featuring precise detection and instant visual alarm verification, the AX PRO is the first wireless intrusion alarm system for homes and businesses that integrate comprehensive intrusion detection with smart automation, video security, video intercom, access control, and more.

Why choose AX PRO

Wireless and hassle-free, the AX PRO system is the perfect combination of efficiency, reliability and innovation that guarantees accurate detection without wires and without problems.

Visible alarms for real assurance

With AX PRO, home- or business-owners can verify alarms by watching video clips or GIF imaging when they are away from their property, staying informed in real time and resting easy with real assurance.

Wireless PIRCAM Detector - Takes care of both indoor and outdoor intrusion alarm

Alerts you even before the intruders realize that they're exposed. When the alarm is triggered, up to 20 photos will be sent to your Hik-Connect App and to the ARC.

Wireless Triple Signal Detector - Better imaging and more precise detection for outdoor security

Equipped with anti-masking detection so that hidden property damage will not be missed. Also, you can choose to add the camera module for visual verification.

Seamless Integration with AcuSense & HeatPro Cameras - Powered by industry-leading IVaaS technology

Expand the protection scope of the surrendering environment of your property now, with 7 seconds of video when an event is triggered for verification.

Multi-dimensional detection for comprehensive protection

Along with instant visual verification for all-around intrusion protection, the AX PRO helps keep an eye on every corner of your place, indoors and out, including early warning of smoke and fire, water or gas leaks, and more. The sleek, modern design suits virtually any home or office environment.

Curtain Detector

With excellent detection range and technology, you're completely sorted to protect your windows and doors.

Magnetic detector

The magnetic contact is versatile and easily configurable to suit a variety of needs and detect status of windows, doors etc.

Glass break detector

Protects your windows and immediately alerts you if any intrusion happens around your windows.

Panic button

Discreet and portable, raise an alarm with minimal fuss and straight-forward set up of the both fixed and portable wireless panic button

Environment detector

With built-in various sensors, it protects your house 24/7 and send early warnings of water leaks, smoke and sharp jumps in temperature to reduce potential damage.


Both the internal and external sounder offer up to 110 dB alarm volume, keep you stay alerted when it matters most.

Precise detection with reduced false alarms

The AX PRO system is an ideal choice for families with pets. Powered by deep-learning algorithms, it is designed to detect only human intrusion but the alarm will not be triggered by your pets.

More than an intelligent alarm system

The AX PRO system offers services that go beyond a common intrusion alarm system, integrating new automations and functions to provide more and more protection, comfort and possibilities.

Smart automation

With customized rule setting via AX PRO, you get smart management of your lights, air-conditioning, and other electric appliances, for a more intelligent home.

Integrated system with flexible linkage

Featuring full integration with virtually all Hikvision devices and systems – including video security, access control, video intercom, and more – AX PRO brings more convenience to everyday life.

Full security on a convenient mobile app

With the Hik-Connect app, you can now manage all AX PRO devices, video intercoms, security cameras, and more, simply from your smartphone.

Running the AX PRO system is a breeze

The AX PRO System is designed to be easy to install, to use, and to maintain. The extended lifespan of the components and longer battery life deliver the best experience for both installers and end users.


Installation is a snap

No wires, no worries. The AX PRO system is flexible and installs easily with no wires to limit the setup. Simply install the hub, PIRCAMs, indoor and outdoor detectors, and other peripherals with screws or glue, depending on the mounting surfaces.

Maintenance in a simple way

The AX PRO System can be managed and maintained conveniently via the Hik Pro-Connect App or the Web Portal for installers. Installers and monitoring stations can supervise the alarm system status any time from anywhere with the end user's authorization. What's more, the health status report is a great tool for installer maintenance service updates.

Easy setup and effortless integration for ARCs

Open integration for Alarm Receiving Centers

The AX PRO control panel features open and easy integration with third-party monitoring software used by alarm receiving centers directly via the SIA-DC09 standard protocol, which is the easiest and fastest method with only alarm notifications. What's more, it also supports integration with ARCs via HIK IP Receiver Pro, which provides more efficient photo and video verifications along with single alarm notifications.

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