BNS-PD-Hotdesk Booking System

Hotdesk Booking.

Easy way to book the desks.

Solution that enhances your space utilization for New Normal era

Hot Desk Booking Software helps enhance your office space systematically and make staffs collaborate with ease. Staffs can book desk by themselves based upon their privilege via both mobile phone and laptop. Moreover, room panel display or Touch Kiosk located at meeting room is available for booking instantly. Apart from fundamental functions, touchless booking, temperature scan or mask wearing detection function are compatible with new normal lifestyle. From the above capabilities, we are trusted by leading companies in Thailand and other countries to be one part of their office transformation. That, in the way back, helps increase work utilization, business competency, office modernization, and staff’s safety as well as securities.

Features of Hotdesk Software

Work Efficiency Enhancement

Faster in responding and collaborating, when reserving or searching space is not a problem anymore, help increase business competency and sustainability in new normal era.

Anywhere, Anytime

Book desk or space anywhere anytime to work with colleagues together, huddle with team or solely work in private area.

Find the best-suit desk

Help you find where the good place to sit regarding your requirement.


Get through your booking place without getting lost with way-finding function

To manage and utilize office workspace systematically helps reduce expense which not directly relate to office cost.

Reduce Office Cost

Utilizing space is resulted in maintenance cost

Companies do not have to pay for more space rental as they can utilize their current area.

Self-book helps utilize manpower

Office admin can work on their main job instead of help staff booking a room.

Known your booking and joining

The check-in/out tells how we could turn-on or off electricity. Devices such as lighting, air-con, or even air quality control can be turned off automatically to save energy. That means lower expense.

Data-Driven Workplace
Rip Meeting Protection | Office Utilization | Space Planning

Know how your space goes so far and the future may look like. With our analytic system, you can see what are over-underutilized spaces. Identify booking and showing behavior in pattern. All the above helps you improve your office proactively.