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The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation, changing how customers shop and how retailers run business. More and more retailers continue to invest in enhancing their operations by optimizing the personal experience of their customers. Given the fact that 70% of buying decisions are made on the spot, in-store promotion activities play a key role in contributing to a consumer’s purchase intention, and digital signage displays use targeted messaging to influence customers’ decision making.
Changing from print to digital is an “Increased Saving”
The cost of digital signage is a bit different from print costs. With digital signage, you have a higher cost up front, but a better ROI in the long run. Really the only costs with digital signage is the one-off installation costs, some minor support and maintenance costs, and the cost for having an in-house designer who can push and schedule content, which you probably already have if you are designing print ads.
The other benefit to digital signage costs is getting rid of the recurring printing fees you see in normal print ad production. From magazines to newsletters to posters and murals. The cost of printing these ads, installing them or distributing them, removing them and redoing it all over again can be daunting from a print perspective. Digital signage removes these recurring costs as it is now basically free to put any image, advertisement or interactive display up once you get over the initial installation cost.
Real-Time Update
Imagine a world of print ads where you had to schedule having posters shipped all over the country to your retail locations for your campaigns. Not anymore! With the click of one button you can now send digital content to displays all across the country or the world that reside on your network. Or you can send specific information to specific displays based upon the time of day, the demographic standing in front of the display or branded to a specific group. Or all three within a matter of hours. This instant way of advertising with digital displays is very cost effective because you aren’t printing and shipping printed ads. Not only that but you have much more control over your content then you did with print.
Truly Engaging Content
Digital signage does one thing very well, and that is it engages your audience. And ultimately, in advertising and marketing, a solid branding message is what everyone is after. Planning, executing and measuring engagement is more powerful and much easier on an interactive display as opposed to a traditional print ad. Making digital signage the no-brainer for organizations worldwide.
Key to Retail 4.0 Transformation
The retail business is again in the midst of massive transformation – with Retail 4.0 driven by advances of the cloud, big data analytics and the Internet of Things, and growing preference of shoppers for seamless experiences. In the middle of this evolution is digital signage –with physical retailers integrating online and offline shopping experiences and reinvent the idea and real-world look and feel of brick-and-mortar stores.
Here is how things used to work. In-store digital signage only provided one-way information.
But with advancements in image processing and IoT sensor technologies –like RFID, light ID technology, sensors and beacons – digital signage now provides smart, interactive tools to engage customers in exciting and relevant ways.
Instead of canned, pre-determined messaging, smart screens in an aware, “smart” retail environment are providing shoppers’ information about what they are looking at, and influencing buying decisions, including up-sells.

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