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“One of the most effective communications tools”

Imagine that we have all been there: arriving 10 minutes early for a doctor’s appointment or other medical procedure, only to left sitting in in the waiting room for 30 minutes or more flipping through a year-old copy of Field & Stream. If a patient’s blood pressure was not elevated before then, it likely will be though the roof by the time the nurse calls his or her name.
This is just a few of the issues causing dissatisfaction among consumers over their health care experience. In fact, a recent Consumer Reports survey indicated long waits to see the doctor as a top grip people have with their doctors.
Digital Screens quickly are becoming a fixture in health care facilities, performing functions ranging from pointing the way to educating both doctors and patients on medical procedures.  Furthermore, digital signage make the patient’s wait less painful. It can play in a health care facility in order to make the time go by more quickly.
Digital Signage is considered one of the most effective communications tools due to the dynamic nature of the screen content changing form image to image or pure video, versus the use of static signage.

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