Digital Engine DE3250

The DE3250 is an especially robust media player designed to cope with challenging environments. Its ultra-thin structure allows you to integrate the Digital Engine DE3250 seamlessly into any space. Fitted with a fanless thermal control this device is cost effective and built to deliver a first-rate performance in any situation.

The unique design of the DE3250 provides:

  • An exceptionally thin form factor that allows flexible integration opportunities
  • A unique fanless thermal design
  • High performance 1080p media playback

Digital Engine DE3250S

The DE3250S is based on the reliable Intel® Dual Core Celeron® Processor N2840 SoC (System on Chip). This media player is especially built to be dependable in the roughest situations. With its super thin design the DE3250S can be integrated in small spaces, public transport and minimalistic retail environments.

The unique features:

  • A slim form factor (25 mm) that allows you to integrate the DE3250S in various environments
  • Handles vibrations, shocks and fluctuating temperatures with ease, due to its fanless design
  • The DE3250S is a cost-effective and reliable solution

Digital Engine DE5100i

High-end computing ability for the most demanding and content heavy applications. Thanks to the unparalleled graphic perfomance, you have the power to display impactful messaging with top quality visuals.

The versatile design of the DE5100i provides:

  • Flexible Integration opportunities thanks to a unique small form factor
  • Ultra reliable hardware with 24/7 operability
  • Energy Efficient Green Computing
  • Long Life Cycle
  • High Performance Full HD 1080p Content Playback
  • Dual Display Support

Digital Engine DE67-HA(I)

Stunning Performance
With the growing demand for dynamic interactive apps; such as video conferencing, social media, interactive menuboards, kiosks, HD movies and many more powerful, content heavy applications, the DE67-HA(I) allows you to stay ahead of the curve.
Aimed at those with the most demanding multimedia and computational workloads, the DE67-HA(I) provides stunning performance and razor sharp graphics to intensify the computing experience.

The versatile design of the DE67-HA(I) provides:

  • Flexible integration opportunities thanks to a unique small form factor
  • Ultra reliable hardware with 24/7 operability
  • Energy efficient green computing
  • Long life cycle
  • High Performance Full HD 1080p content playback

Chromebox Commercial

The AOPEN Chromebox Commercial is a highly reliable and powerful device that operates 24/7 under tough conditions. It sets itself apart from any Chromebox, being a commercial grade device, allowing speedy and secure signage from the Cloud using Google OS.

The touch design including the industrial components makes this the strongest Chromebox available on the market today.