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Bainisys specializes in customizes business solutions, which integrate your strategies, IT solutions and digital media marketing in order to make your company more competitive. In addition, we can assist you in developing and strengthening your management capabilities, Our aim is to assist you by making the most of your IT infrastructure in order to give you a competitive advantage.

Our Methodlogy

Bainisys methodology embraces the four key stage of project management

Stage 1 - Plan and Control
Management Engineering can help you address competitive challenges includeing reorganizing for long-term growth, improving business performance and maximizing revenue. At the same time, our IT consulting engineers help organizations to plan and design their IT strategy for optimal network performance and efficiencies.
Stage 2 - Exploit
Bainisys offers thee business solutions while applying well-planned and well-managed infrastructure in order to achive your business aims.

The three solutions are:

1 Software Development Solutions
2 Computer Network Solutions
3 Digital Media Design Solutions

Stage 3 - Manage and Operate
Investment in infrastructure typically accounts for a large slice of most IT budgets. For this reason, your infrastructure must be managed in order to maximize return on investment. To help you get the best value for your investment, we offer a range of cost-effective management solutions. Bainisys also provides services to help maintain your IT infrastructure provides services to help maintain your IT infrastructure.
Stage 4 - Design and Deploy
Our management engineer can assist you in implementing even the most complex infrastructure with our expertise in programming, IT. infrastructure and digital media design, we provide you with specialized access to advanced technologie with premier technical support and employee training

 General Business Consulting

Bainisys Consulting helps your business address great challenges from reorganizing for long-term growth to improveing business performance and maximizing revenue. To create and sustain your business competitive advantage, we assemble a team best suited for each engagement, drawing on our professional consulting network. We get the right people involved, not just the people who are nearby or ease to reach

  • Supply Chain / Production Planning / Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Manpower Reduction / Job Analysis & Operation Time Chart
  • Production Expansion / Area Expansion / Capacity Expansion / Capacity Management
  • Stock Reducton & Analysis / Inventory Management / Just In Time (JIT)
  • Production Cost Analysis / Cost Structure / Cost Reduction
  • Produuction Management / Productivity System Implementation & Improvement
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Produc Loss Analysis / Quality Control / Statistic Process Control (SPC) / 7 QC tools
  • Packaging Management / Packing Management
  • Kaizen (Continuous Inprovement) / Visual Control
Software Development
With our business consulting and software development expertise, Bainisys develops customized management software to meet your company need. Each module is user friendly and is designed for indivitual operational processes to help solve particular problems. We also conduct training programs and 24×7 maintenance service to the customers.
School e-Learning System
With our e-Learning solution, students can use technology as an integrated tool throughout the curriculum to enrich and support their learning, and teachers use appropriate technology as a resource for effective management of their work in support of student’s education. The solutions iclude e-Homework, e-Libeary, Intranet Learning.
Front Office Management System
Our software is designed to help streamline sales process, maximize revenue opportunities and provide excellent customer service.
Human Resource Management System
Bainisys HR solutions are designed to atteact, manage and retain your professional workforce and frontline managers. The software assists in the management of your workforce including job definition and hiring, and personal policies and employment regulations
Inventory Management System
Our inventory management software helps increase customer satisfaction by offering more products and delivering them faster is contingent on the efficient management of your suppliers and your access to real-time inventory status at every sales channel
Point of Sales with wirless Tablet support
Our Point of Sales solution delivers the preciousness, speed , and flexibility needed at checkout to keep lines moving. Ensure an outstanding in-store customer experience every time an in-store customer experience every time an in-store system that makes all transactions. Quickly checking the status of products and also ordering the stock from suppliers are some parts of software that you can experience. We provide developing the most suitable and efficient software to your perticular business.
Supply Chain Management System
Faulty supply chains can incur enormous losses, through excess working capital, high costs, and missed sales. We are expert in Supply Chain Management System to provide the best solution to our customers. Supply chain leaders outperform competotors by more than 50 percent on ley metrics, such as inventory turnover. Making the efficient software in supply chain management, we deliver fast improvement to our customer business
Digital Media Design
Our Creative team is your digital design professional who helps create your companie’s marketing collateral and integrate it into all of your digital and marketing needs.
Printing Design
Printing Design ranges from brochures, magazine ads & covers, business cards, trade show graphics, CD & DVD packaging and poster design.
Web Design and Development
We create content rich web sites and integrate them with useful tools for client controlled content. Administrative access via your internet browser allow you to edit text, images, links and create new pages without knowledge of HTML.

Managed Services

Supporting and managing your IT systems

As a key decision-maker, achieving the optimum balance between cost and performance is an ongoing concern. So too the need to maintain a day-to-day network support operation and address the requirement for forward planning and network infrastructure reviews. Fortunately, Bainisys can help you achieve both objectives.

 Best-in-class IT support services

Bainisys knows all about the importance of a stable IT infrastructure. To address these challenges, we have developed a suite of Managed Services:

  • Uptime – maintenance
  • Assure – out-tasking

These cater to specific business needs, and increase the stability and the value of your IT systems.


Uptime is a unique maintenance and support service that ensures rapid response and quick resolution of IT infrastructure problems. It is an enhanced maintenance solution featuring ‘break-fix’; asset management; fault resolution audit trails and Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance tracking.

Uptime is a flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any business. Critical parameters such as response time, resolution time and notification procedures are determined up front and incorporated in the service level agreement.

What is in Uptime?

  • General Maintenance

Uptime is designed to deliver optimal network performance and reduce downtime.

  • Software Support

With software support, we ensure that Bainisys software including customized programs can be guaranteed 99.99% business continuity and 100% precision.

What does Uptime deliver?

Based on the mission criticality of the asset, you can choose from three levels of service:

  • Level 1

Service requests are logged via telephone and our engineers diagnose and respond with recommendations for resolution. Software support is also available.

  • Level 2

Incorporating the features above, Level 2 also offers equipment replacement, if necessary, within a pre-determined time period.

  • Level 3

Available with the same features above, Level 3 also includes online and onsite technical support as needed. Software support is also available.

Our support options

Uptime offers a number of support options that are designed to quickly resolve problems and restore systems should they fail:

Telephone support
Online support
Onsite support
Standby support
Software support
Ad hoc support

Uptime Advantage

Service Delivery Management
An assigned service delivery manager who will take responsibility or all aspects of the service deliverables and act as a single customer contact point.
Operation Management
Round-the-clock Operations Centre serve as distributed hubs for our extensive knowledge base and network assessment tools.
Escalation Management
Service requests are automatically escalated based on predefined time parameters to ensure that problems are resolved properly and promptly.

Why Uptime?

Minimum risk and maximum uptime
Uptime maximizes the availability of your IT infrastructure thus minimizing the business risk associated with the failure of critical IT infrastructure.
Efficient infrastructure upgrades
Uptime can help ensure that your infrastructure can support system upgrades so you avoid trouble before it starts.
Stability through transitions
Uptime can help stabilize your IT infrastructure and keep it healthy throughout transition and beyond.
Investment distribution
Uptime can help you pinpoint unwarranted infrastructure investments and redistribute them more productively – and profitably.
Professional support
Uptime gives you access to people with the best skills, knowledge, and technologies in the business so you can concentrate on your core inside.


  • NSI Asset Management

Inventory audit with customized reports aimed at assisting you to submit management and operation reports.

  • NSI Configurations and Architecture Review

Review of equipment configurations and logs so as to achieve consistency and to pin point potential faults are not easily visible.

  • NSI Continuity Planning & Review

Aimed at covering business continuity with review/identification of architectural flaws and provide recommendations for improvements in the IT infrastructure.

  • NSI Capacity Planning

Aimed at achieving visibility of the network utilization with the deployment of tools in critical links such as WAN links, uplinks in LAN etc to determine bandwidth utilization.

  • NSI Operation System (OS) Management

Software Review to identify potential software bugs, identify the risk and the impact of these bugs to the operations of the network.

  • NSI Dial-an-Expert

Technical expertise outsourcing service for “gap-fill” situations where additional hands or specialized skill sets are required. Our expert service can be used for:

  1. Specialized skills to perform uncommon ad-hoc tasks within the operation environment
  2. Short notices for additional resources to handle peak period of projects
  3. Expert advice on technical issues
  4. Consultancy on network or systems re-designs
  5. Project management

How is Assure delivered?

At Bainisys, we adopt a simple three step approach to deliver the Assure suit of services:

Step 1: Planning

We initiate each service with a planning session to clearly determine and agree on all the service goals, objectives and methods. A detailed plan of action is drawn up to define all service deliverables.

Step 2: Execution

Our team of professionals will expediently and efficiently ex execute this plan of action and deliver on commitments made.

Step 3: Service Excellence Review

Our team of engineers will conduct reviews at every step of the process to ensure that the deliverables meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Why Assure?

Reduced cost of operations
Highly qualified and certified
Access to highly qualified and certified information system security professionals on demand
Better investment
Help in achieving business objectives with better managed return on investment
Maximum flexibility
Maximum flexibility with resources on demand for your IT operations
Minimum downtime
Minimum network downtime with well-maintained and up- to-date network systems
Comprehensive third party accountability on all projects
Focus in time
Time to focus on your core business by entrusting time- consuming operations and housekeeping to us
Wide service
Wide selection of service offerings for varied customer requirements
Reduced overhead budget


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